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Counties new exhibition building opens for business



By Sun Advocate

The opening night of the fair and exhibition hall provided a stage for “Solution.”

With the clip of the scissors a ribbon was cut and the new exhibition building at the Carbon County Fairground opened on Aug. 8, the day before the county fair started.
The program to dedicate the building was a short one, but the building is long on features and will provide some valuable space for activities over the coming years.
It’s first use was for the arts, crafts and food displays for the fair, but it’s features lend it to many other uses as well.
An amphitheater on the east side of the building provides a place for entertainment and judging by the opening nights activities, and the talent shows during the fair, it is quite a hit.
The exhibition area itself provides nearly 4000 square feet of space for various types of activities, including dances, exhibitions and with a small stage can even be used for presentations and entertainment.
It is hoped the half million dollar building and area around it will attract many kinds of activities from both the public and private sector.

Eileen Gibbons and Nicole Steele cut the ribbon to open the new building.

It’s another part of the fairgrounds puzzle that the county has been working on improving for years. The counties fairgrounds provides some of the most unique venues in the state. The site includes indoor and out door equestrian areas, a 200 stall animal facility, a top notch motocross track, an outdoor ice skating rink and classy miniature airport.
During the fair all these facilities (with the exception of the ice rink) were in use with hundreds of people in each area.
The exhibition hall however is not done. Only phase one of the project has been completed. It is hoped by county officials and users that the building will be eventually enlarged and expanded.
But for now it’s the jewel of the fairgrounds, with it’s classic design and sweeping porticos that surround it.
It’s a facility Carbon residents can be proud of.

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