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Tractor rolls, emergency personnel transport injured Wellington man to hospital



By Sun Advocate

Emergency personnel strive to free a 19-year-old victim trapped under a tractor last Friday. The accident sent the Wellington man to Castleview Hospital with severe injuries. Clint Cloward, who was working in his family’s yard, was trapped underneath the International tractor when it overturned on a hill near the driveway to the garage. The cab, in which Cloward was riding, flattened as the tractor rolled and was forced toward the left of the machine. The tractor came to rest with the entire weight of the machine on Cloward. A younger brother discovered the accident and called 911. When emergency personnel arrived at the accident scene in Wellington, Cloward was reportedly turning blue. Emergency responders focused on stabilizing the victim and lifting the tractor off the injured man. Raising the tractor was complicated due to the fact that the young man was stretched out across the cab and, when the victim’s torso was free, his feet remained entangled in the heavy equipment. Emergency crew members finally managed to free the victim after approximately 20 minutes. Shortly after arriving at Castleview, Cloward was transported by life flight to a Salt Lake area hospital for treatment.

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