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Gigliotti Pond is ready to be drained, but fish still remain



By Sun Advocate

The Gigliotti Pond is near empty however many fish remain. Anglers are encouraged to take advantage of the newly placed fishing limits and aid the Division of Wildlife Resources in extracting the fish so that repairs may be made to the pond.

Division of Wildlife officials decided to drain the rest of the water out of the Helper Gigliotti Fishing Pond on Saturday to make some repairs, but found that even with as little water as remains, there are still a lot of fish in the pond.
“We began to drain the water and the fish really began to boil,” said DWR aquatic wildlife manager Louis Berg. “It was then we realized there are a whole lot more fish still in the remains of the pond than we realized.”
The fish are very concentrated and so officials have asked that people come to the pond and try to fish it out as much as possible in the next few days. Limits have been doubled at the pond, meaning that adults can take home up to eight trout, 50 bluegills and six bass. Kids under 14 can take home half that limit.
“We need angler’s help so we can get the pond repaired and refilled it without killing a bunch of fish,” stated Berg.
The pond was dedicated in June, but after it was open a short while it was discovered that there were some leaks that needed to be repaired. It was then that the level of the pond was gradually lowered and it was hoped fishing would remove the rest of the fish as that was done. But the fact the pond was being lowered seemed to cut down on the number of anglers and so fish were not being removed quite as fast as officials though they were.
The pond is open seven days a week for fishing.

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