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Official results announced for Scofield triathlon



By Sun Advocate

Triathlon participants endure brisk weather while competing in the first annual Drop Dead Gorgeous Scofield triathlon. Each participant competed in the swimming, biking, and running events which tested the skills of all competitors.

The first annual drop dead gorgeous scofield triathlon took place July 20 and was deemed a complete success by both event organizers and participants. The event gathered runners from across the country including Jason Crompton who is the defending Idaho Spudman Triathlete champion which is the largest triathlon in the intermountain west.
The event began with participants jumping into the cold lake water at 6:30 a.m. The athletes swam from the Mountain View boat dock to the buoy which was located near the dam. Two buoys were set up in the water, the first of which was located .255 miles away for the sprint triathletes to turn around. The second was set up at the .45 mile mark which was for the Olympic distance athletes to utilize. The total swimming distance for the sprint athletes was .45 miles and the total distance for the Olympic distance athletes was .9 miles.
The swim was the perfect beginning for the athletes who moved on to compete in the biking portion of the event. The bike course for both races went through the heart of Scofield Valley, a ride that rolled through historic Scofield and through the forests and meandering streams.
Following the bike competition, athletes moved on to run the 10k route. This was the final leg of the first ever Scofield event and by the time that the competition was complete, several winners prevailed.
The event was such a huge success that plans are in the works for next year. All who participated look forward to competing again in the event.

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