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Helper WBBA Team Captures Championship Title



By Sun Advocate

WBBA region champions, the Helper All-Stars, ride atop a fire truck during the International Days parade. Helper earned this title by defeating the Price National White team 9-4 last Wednesday in the regional championship game.

After a long and competitive season, the WBBA major league baseball teams finished the year off successfully. For the Helper team however, the season continues as they travel to Salt Lake to compete in the annual little world series of WBBA.
Helper earned their way to the playoffs by defeating the Price National White team last Wednesday in the regional championship game. The game was played with high emotions with each player knowing what reward awaited them at the conclusion of the game.
By the time that the dust had cleared, Helper had defeated Price National White, 9-4, thus earning them the major league regional championship title for this year.
Now that Helper has prevailed as the region champions, they will compete in the world series starting August 5. For Helper, this tournament will be a milestone in each athletes baseball career.
Although Helper captured the region championship, each WBBA team that competed this year offered their best efforts and made the season one to remember.
For many of the WBBA athletes, this was the first year they have competed in the league. For many others, this was an experience which they look forward to each summer having played in the league for many years. Regardless, the competition was fierce and the desire to play the sport of baseball was overwhelming for all who competed this season.
For Carbon County residents, the WBBA season brings excitement for all those who enjoy the sport of baseball. Each week, the WBBA fields filled with proud parents and excited baseball fans. Youth baseball has become a firm part of Carbon County’s diverse background and will continue to grow in popularity in the many years to come.
The youth players who entertain the county have gained valuable experience which will allow them to prepare for future competition.
The WBBA regular season may be over, however the excitement will live on as Helper moves forward to compete in the world series beginning next week.

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