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A Low Water Level at Gigliotti Pond Forces Bass and Bluegill Limits to Rise



By Sun Advocate

Due to a low water level at Gigliotti Pond in Helper, several fish have been suffering the consequences. In order to reduce the number of fish which are wasted because of the problem, the Division of Wildlife Resources has announced that daily bag and possession limits have raised for bass and bluegill at the local fishing attraction.

Anglers may now keep largemouth bass and bluegills caught at Gigliotti Pond in Helper, which is being drained to fix some leaks that have developed in it.
To allow anglers to keep fish that will be lost because of the draining, the Division of Wildlife Resources recently established a daily bag and possession limit of six largemouth bass and 50 bluegills at the pond.
The six bass and 50 bluegill limit, along with a daily limit of eight trout, will remain in effect at the pond until August 31. On September 1, the fishing regulations for the pond as written in the 2002 Utah fishing proclamation will take effect. Persons 14 years of age and older are reminded that they need a fishing license to fish at the pond.
“Gigliotti Pond is a newly constructed urban fishery in Helper,” explained Louis Berg, aquatic program manager for the DWR’s southeastern region. “The pond has developed several leaks. The water level is extremely low and continues to drop. We’ll need to drain the pond completely to fix the leaks.”
“Harvest of all fish species in the pond is being allowed so that most of the fish will not be wasted,” Berg said. “The division regrets losing this new fishery so soon after construction, but we believe the problems with the pond can be solved.”
For more information call the local DWR office.

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