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WBBA Action Continues to Heat Up



By Sun Advocate

Caught between first and second. Players of the Northern Heights Blue team hussle to send a Price National team member to the bench as he contemplated rushing for second or turning back to first base.

Summer baseball action continues to heat up as WBBA teams compete for the top spot to end the season. Currently, the minor league teams are in a battle for the championship as their season reaches an end.
This week, several minor league games have been played leading down the wire. A champion may be determined as early as Thursday, depending on the outcome of the double elimination tourney.
The Price National team defeated Helper 13-11 while Green River walked away victorious against Northern Heights, 16-11.
Helper was knocked out of the tourney after losing their second game against Northern Heights, 13-3, while Green River advanced in the tourney bracket by defeating Price National Red, 15-12.
The major league teams prepare to do battle next week as the single elimination tournament rapidly approaches. The top six major league teams will advance to the tourney which will begin Monday. The winner of this tournament will be the team that will compete in the little world series of the WBBA in Salt Lake City beginning August 5.
With the top six teams to be determined by Thursday, the major league players are stepping up to play their best ball of the season.
Earlier this week, the Helper B team came from behind to defeat Price National Red, 17-16. Helper stepped up their game in the final inning, scoring 10 runs to come from behind and take home the win.
The Helper A team did not have the same luck as their colleagues as they fell to the Price National White team 17-1. The team did bounce back however to defeat Sunnyside 13-3.
The Northern Heights Blue team defeated Sunnyside 17-4 and Northern Heights Green 8-7.
Green River finished victorious in a highly competative game against Northern Heights Green 15-12. Green River did fall to Price National Red 7-4.
Finally, the Price National White team defeated Helper A 12-6.
WBBA action will continue throughout the remainder of the week with a minor league champ being named and six teams advancing to the major league final tournament.

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