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WBBA Announces All-star Schedule

By Sun Advocate

Major League schedule

July 8

  • Green River at Sunnyside
  • NH Green at Helper
  • Price White vs Price Red at Northern Heights West
  • Helper B at NH Blue (East)

All games begin at 6:00 p.m.

Minor League schedule

July 8

  • Green River at Sunnyside
  • Helper at Northern Heights at NH west field
  • Price National- bye

All games begin at 3:30 p.m.

The Western Boys Baseball Association held a meeting last week to finalize plans for this season’s all-star tournament.
The schedule will follow a new format this year with both the major and minor league teams having the same playing dates for the first round of play.
Each classification will play a round robin schedule. This style allows each team to compete against each team in the first level of play.
Games will be played on the Sunnyside, Helper and Northern Heights fields beginning Monday, July 8. The round robin will extend over two weeks for the major league teams and one week for the minors.
After the first week of play, the minors will go into a double elimination tournament beginning July 15, in which four teams will qualify from the round robin schedule.
The major league players will complete their round robin schedule on July 17 and six teams will qualify for the final week of local activity beginning on July 22.
The winner of the major league competition locally will qualify for the little world series of the WBBA which is scheduled to take place in Salt Lake August 5.
The sites of the second level of play will be dependent upon the outcome of the round robin activity. Should Sunnyside qualify for either or both of the second level, all games that will be played on the Sunnyside level will take place in Sunnyside. If Sunnyside fails to qualify in either or both levels, the games will be hosted by the Northern Heights league in North Price.
The five teams entered into competition for the minor league playoffs include Northern Heights, Price National, Sunnyside, Helper, and Green River.

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