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Little League season draws to an end in East Carbon



By Sun Advocate

After a long competitive season it was enjoyable for Little League players to compete for fun during the annual all-star game held last Friday evening in East Carbon.

After competing for several weeks in Little League baseball, East Carbon athletes competed in the annual all-star game last Friday evening.
As part of the event, the all-stars competed in several events including a hitting derby. The all-stars each took a turn at bat and had the chance to hit 15 balls each. The competition was exciting for the young athletes.
This year, four teams competed in the East Carbon league. The Yankees took home first place honors this season followed by the Dodgers.
Although the little league season has drawn to a close, baseball enthusiasts throughout the town will continue to participate in the summer sport.
With the ending of the season, teams will be awarded prizes June 25 at 5:00 p.m. at the Sunnyside park. The event will be held to honor those who competed this year and will recongnize those who had outstanding performances throughout the season.
This season, the athletes entertained the town and earned the respect of their peers.

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