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Law enforcement investigators book meth suspects



By Sun Advocate

Deputy Tory Christiansen displays suspected methamphetamine seized during an incident in Carbonville early Monday morning. Drug task force members found a considerable amount of suspected meth, 106 grams of what the authorities believe to be marijuana and $530 in cash in the possession of two male suspects. The men, both Price residents, were subsequently arrested and r booked into the Carbon County Jail on controlled substance and drug paraphernalia charges.

Carbon County Deputy Tory Christiansen was driving through a neighborhood at 1:20 a.m. on June 3 when the sheriff’s department officer reportedly spotted two male subjects standing by a car, apparently trying to get into the vehicle.
The deputy had a funny feeling about the incident and the results of the preliminary investigation conducted by law enforcement officials appear to support Christiansen’s inclination.
When the authorities completed the preliminary investigation, Christiansen along with Carbon Metro Drug Task Force personnel uncovered about $1,800 worth of suspected illicit drugs and $530 in cash.
“When my lights hit them, one of them walked away from the car like he was hiding something,” indicated the deputy. “I stopped and asked them what they were doing and they said they were getting in the car to leave. Then I found out that the car wasn’t theirs and that they couldn’t remember the ‘friend’s’ name that they borrowed it from.”
Christiansen started to talk more with the pair. While having the discussion, the deputy saw a backpack sitting between the car and a mobile home they said they had been visiting in a local trailer park.
“I asked them if the backpack was theirs and they said no,” said Christiansen. “They told me that they thought it must have been left there by some kid playing in the area.”
When the deputy looked inside the bag in an attempt to determine who owned the backpack, the law enforcement officer reportedly found a pager labeled with one of the individual’s name on and a calculator with the other subject’s name engraved on it.
Christiansen also purportedly found a 106 grams of suspected marijuana and 12 grams of suspected methamphetamine inside the bag.
The deputy immediately called for the drug task force and took the two Price residents into custody. Arrested were 20-year-old David Raymond Baradell, and 38-year-old David E. Utley.
Upon searching the subjects, Christiansen purportedly found the money in a clip in Baradell’s sock.
When the drug task force representatives arrived, the authorities questioned the occupant of the trailer where the two men claimed they had been watching videos.
The officers obtained consent from the trailer’s occupant to search the premises and reportedly found drug paraphernalia inside the residence.
The seized backpack allegedly contained drug paraphernalia along with several other items.
Baradell and Utley werebooked into the Carbon County Jail on possession of/with intent to distribute a controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia charges.
Mathew Thatcher, the occupant of the mobile home, was cited for unlawful possession/use of drug paraphernalia.

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