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Standing behind an injured teammate



By Sun Advocate

After suffering a devastating head injury during baseball practice, Blake Wilde remains in stable condition. Those who know Wilde stand behind him and hope for a speedy and full recovery.

After completing a successful season with the Carbon High Dinos baseball team, Blake Wilde moved on to play summer ball for the Helper American Legion team. Although the season has not yet officially started, the hard work the team has been doing has been going on for weeks.
During a practice last week, Wilde was involved in a serious accident on the diamond that few would expect could happen to a local player.
During batting practice, an American Legion teammate took a swing at the ball, hitting a line drive. Unfortunately for Wilde, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fast moving ball sailed directly toward Wilde, hitting him in the temple. The ball hit so hard that it dropped Wilde to the ground instantly.
After rushing Wilde to the hospital, family and teammates heard the news that no one wanted to hear. The ball had caused serious damage to Wilde’s head. In fact, the ball cracked his skull and caused internal injuries.
After spending some time in the local hospital, Wilde was then transported to the University of Utah hospital via life flight on Thursday. According to teammates who have visited with Wilde, things are improving slightly for the all-star player.
Although the outcome of the event is unknown, the one thing that is for sure is that teammates are supporting Wilde and hoping for the best recovery possible for the fallen teammate and friend.
The accident occured shortly after the Utah all-star game in which Wilde was invited to attend. The event welcomed only two Dino athletes amongst the best high school baseball players in the state.
Wilde was also named this week to the second team for all-state baseball, an elite honor that not many athletes receive during their high school career.
With Amercian Legion baseball scheduled to begin Thursday, it is a fact that the Helper team will enter the field filled with determination to win one for Wilde.
The season will continue, just as the support for a quick and succesfull recovery will live on amoungst Wilde’s teammates, family and friends.

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