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Letter to the Editor: What about the wild life?

By Sun Advocate

I am a former native of Carbon County and presently reside in Waxhaw, N.C.. I was recently home to pay my last respects to my Father Taro Aoyagi who passed away last Thanksgiving day.
The Spring Glen canal was just 100 yards from the place where I grew up. In my short stay I observed that the canal had been covered over and those who had shares of the water rights had water piped to their property. I can see the logic of lessening loss of this valuable resource through evaporation, seepage, and illegal use not to mention the long term costs of maintenance.
I became very troubled to see that no provisions were made for the wildlife that depended on the water for their existence. Several people expressed their concern and had even gone so far to place water out for the deer. The canal is the very heart of a fragile ecosystem and without it hundreds of living animals will surely perish. There could be a lot of serious automobile accidents caused by animals passing across roadways.
Has the fish & game department made any plans to salvage the wildlife? Or is the money collected through licenses funneled elsewhere?
I am deeply concerned and would like to know if there are any plans to balance the environment.

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