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Personnel from five departments respond to raging brush fire near Price River



By Sun Advocate

A raging brush fire near Indian Hills trailer court rapidly moves toward unharmed foliage.
The blaze erupted Tuesday at approximately 6:30 p.m and continued to flare up until midnight. Smoke from the May 28 fire could be seen throughout the Castle Valley area.
According to Price Fire Chief Kent Boyack, the cause of the blaze is undetermined. But the suspicion of children playing along the river bank remains the prime focus.
Boyack indicated that five agencies from across the county responded to assist in the incident, including the forest service, bureau of land management, state fire warden and Wellington and Price fire departments.
Because the blaze rapidly spread, emergency crews created fire breaks to detour the burning inferno from spreading beyond the river area.
Dry conditions made it difficult for crews to control the blaze. With the hot summer months still ahead, fire officials caution residents to be careful when dealing with open flames.
In fact, a statewide burn restriction is in place . Price city has a year round no burn policy.

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