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Jorgensen to provide guidance to Carbon football team next season



By Sun Advocate

Jeff Jorgensen offers encouraging words to last seasons Dino football squad. For the past three years, Jorgensen has been an assistant coach for the team. After head coach Troy Moynier resigned, the school district has been searching for a replacement. Several offers had been made, but all fell through. Jorgensen, who is a strong supporter for Carbon High athletics decided that enough was enough and vowed to take over as the head coach this season. Jorgensen’s main focus for the team is to have fun and to gain parental support for the athletic club. If these factors fall into place, Jorgensen expects to be coaching for quite some time.

In April, the Carbon/Emery Motorcycle Association held its annual motocross which attracted hundreds of competitors from across the western states to compete. The event was so successful that professional off-road motorists were attracted to the dirt track, therefore leading to the scheduling of the first ever professional off-road race to be held at the Price track.
The professional event is scheduled for May 24-25, with races beginning at 8 a.m. both days. The event is not a typical motocross, in fact it is expected to be an off-road competition. The event is expected to draw hundreds of spectators, not to mention the hundreds of competitors that will be participating.
According to CEMA member Ken Kirkwood, “the event is unlike any that has ever been held at the track. We expect about 600 competitors to show up.”
The event is part of the world off-road championship series (WORCS). Because the event will consist of professional riders, factory teams will be on hand.
The races are bound to bring attention to the once unheard of dirt bike track. In fact, the event just might put the track on top of the list for future venues.

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