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Eagles soar above the Spartans in final four season games



By Sun Advocate

Teammates Kory Drew and Jacob Wolfgramm celebrate after Wolfgramm hammers a home run over the fence. After struggling throughout most of the season, the Eagles played strong against Colorado Northwestern, allowing the Eagles to play in the SWAC championships being held this week in St. George. The Eagles have cause to celebrate after the four game sweep.

The College of Eastern Utah baseball team wrapped up the regular season at home last weekend as the team hosted the Colorado Northwestern Spartans. The Eagles who have had a year filled with disappointed losses, had a sweet ending to a difficult season.
The Eagles hit the field last Friday in the first of two double header games to be played over the weekend. The Eagles stepped up confident and ready for action.
The Spartans struggled against the powerful Eagles team as the bats began to crack. The Eagles blew the doors open early on in the first game which included a home run by Jacob Wolfgramm in the fourth inning. The Eagles completed the game victorious by the score of 6-2.
The second game on Friday played out much like the first with the Eagles handing the Spartans a second loss also by the score of 6-2.
With the thoughts of graduation filling the heads of many of the Eagles baseball team, the CEU players left the field with feelings of excitement for the day ahead of them on Saturday.
An unusual beginning to game day came with graduation. After participating in the cap and gown event, the Eagles hit the field for the last day of baseball excitement to be played on the home field this season.
The excitement of the day carried over quickly as the Eagles opened up strong against the Spartans. For the Eagles, the days double header games was the most important series the team had played all season. By winning the two games, the Eagles would advance past Treasure Valley Community College to be included in the Scenic West Athletic Conference championships. The season was at its end, but the Eagles were not ready to hang up the bats for the year.
The Eagles easily flew past the Spartans 6-3 in the first of the two games, putting pressure on the team to win the final game of the series.
The Eagles were ready for the challenge as the team stepped up and handed the Spartans the fourth loss of the weekend, 11-0. The shut out not only boosted the Eagles season record, but also the confidence of the team that beat the odds to make it to the championships.
The next test for the Eagles was scheduled for Wednesday evening against the number one ranked team in the SWAC, the Dixie Rebels. Because the Eagles were the eighth team in the SWAC rankings, the team was forced to face off against the top seeded team in the conference.
The championship tournament is not expected to come easy for the Eagles who played on the Rebels home field. Although the Eagles are playing the best ball of the season, the team will have to overcome the challenge, which this Eagles team is completely capable of doing.
The regular season may be through for the Eagles, but the memories of playing for a highly competative team will remain in both the minds of the players and of the CEU fans.

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