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Cema Motocross Event Deemed a Huge Success



By Sun Advocate

Daring riders could be seen flying through the air after clearing tall jumps.

The Carbon Emery Motorcycle Association held its annual motocross event April 6-7. The event was the largest in the history of CEMA.
Competitors from across the state participated in the event, with a total of 587 participants, the most the event has ever had enter.
Not only was the turn out strong for those participating, but also for those who watched the event. In fact, a total of 872 spectators attended the successful event.
Because of the enormous turn out, several heats in each event were ran. This made for a day of action packed excitement as competitiors of all ages displayed their tremendous riding abilities.
The Carbon County track is said to be one of the fastest dirt bike tracks in the state. For this reason, riders from across the country visit the track for competition. In fact, CEMA is in the process of scheduling a grand prix event for later this year. The event will not only bring top riders from across the county, but also top name sponsors. The outcome is bound to be nothing short of successful.

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