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Home game slips through the Dinos fingers



By Sun Advocate

The Carbon High Dinos softball team had a close game last week against the North Sanpete Hawks. The Dinos lead throughout the game, until the last inning when the Hawks captured the lead by one point, leading to the Dinos defeat. The Dinos did show improvement, and had several successful plays, including this run to first base.

The Carbon High softball team competed before a home crowd last Wednesday for the first time this season. The homecoming was not too soon for the Dinos who had just came off of a 13-0 loss to Lehi the previous Monday. The Dinos were fired up and ready to rebound from the shut out, and the determination was obvious as the ladies blew the doors wide open early on in the game.
The home game pitted the Dinos against the North Sanpete Hawks. The Dinos opened up quickly against the Hawks, scoring two runs in the first inning. This lead would last until the third inning. During this inning, the Hawks answered the Dinos with two of their own runs, but the Dinos only used this to their advantage, scoring one run in the bottom of the third, boosting the Dino lead to 3-2.
The Dinos would find themselves scoring two more points in the fourth inning, while the Hawks only scored one. The Dinos felt as if the game was all but over, until the Hawks rallied in the seventh inning, scoring three runs on a two-run single. These runs would seal the fate for the Dinos who failed to reach home base in the seventh inning, leading to the Dinos 6-5 loss.
Although the Dinos did not walk away victorious, the team did show improvements. The defense played well against the Hawks, often times adding pressure to the runners. The Dinos hitting also improved, with very few strike outs in the game.
Cassee Terrell pitched the game for the Dinos and did exceptionally well, while Michelle Ruden had a great showing as catcher.
Overall, the Dino’s looked strong, showing many improvements. The team is young, however the confidence and skill are developing quickly. This development should lead to good things to come for this Region 8 team this season.
The disappointment was written across the face of every Dino player after the victory slipped through the fingertips of the home team. The upset may have tampered the spirits of the Dinos, however the team will have plenty of time to recover over the long weekend. After returning to competition, the Dinos will bounce back from the home loss as the team faces Delta on the road April 2.

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