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Carbon softball team young, but not afraid



By Sun Advocate

Morgan Warburton quickly launches the ball to first base, sending the runner to the dugout. The Dinos softball team is young this season, however they are quick learners and tend to be growing in both skills and confidence as the season progresses.

The Carbon High Lady Dinos softball team has had a week jam packed of excitment and competition.
The team began the week by competing at the Emery tournament last Friday and Saturday, showing quite a strong performance. The Dinos completed the tournament with three wins and two losses, quite an accomplishment considering the team is quite young and new.
The Dinos three victories came with a 11-0 victory over West High, a 12-1 finish over North Sevier, and finally, the team defeated Union High 5-1. According to coach Don Gressmen, “the team did quite well. We have some talented players and great hitters. We lack experience because of our age, but we will continue to improve, and by the end of the season, we will be great.”After completing the two day tournament, the Dinos bounced back to travel to Lehi on Monday. Unfortunetly for the Dinos, the road trip did not turn out as successful as the previous tournament, with Carbon lossing 13-0.
The game started rough for the Dinos who were told that only two of the team bats would be allowed in the game. According to the umpire, the bats did not have the proper stamp for high school competition. The team was then limited to two bats, hurting the Dinos chance at heavy hitting during the game.
Coach Gressmen explained that after returning home the team bats were looked over and indeed are “certified bats.” Whether this incident dampered the teams spirits or not is unknown, but the Dinos did have only a two hit game.
After emerging from a week of softball action, Gressmen was quick to point out the players that contributed well to the team.
“Michelle Ruden, Cassidy Wiscomb, and Brittany Pollastro all have done well hitting. Hailee Vigil has really stepped up and done a good job as catcher for the team. This is her first year as catcher, but she has really done well and is unafraid,” explained Gressmen.
The team will finish the week with a home game on Wednesday against North Sanpete. The team plans on using its own bats while playing on their home field. Hopefully, the homecoming will boost the Dinos confidence and assist Carbon to a victory before friends and family.

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