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Price motorist succumbs to injuries incurred in auto-train accident on March 21



By Sun Advocate

Emergency and law enforcement personnel respond to the scene of a fatal auto-train accident last Thursday morning. The March 21 accident, involving a small car and a train, occurred near the Old Wellington Road turnoff on U.S. Highway 6. Troy Bryan, a 39-year-old Price resident, reportedly attempted to cross the railroad tracks located on a private road at approximately 10:30 a.m. According to Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova, the conductor gave ample warning as the locomotive approached the crossing by sounding the train’s horn. Bryan apparently did not see or hear the train approaching and the motorist proceeded onto the railroad tracks into the pathway of the oncoming locomotive. The train broadsided Bryan’s vehicle and the force of the impact threw the car several feet. Rescue crews arrived quickly at the scene and extricated Bryan from the vehicle. Bryan was transported to Castleview Hospital, where the victim passed away due to internal injuries sustained in the accident. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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