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Price city preparing for Main Street construction

By Sun Advocate

Nick Tatton, who currently manages Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments’ small business development center, will join the Price staff May 1as the city’s community director.
Tatton leaves the small business center after five years to join the city as its media relations coordinator and economic developer. In addition, he will search for funds for city projects and building business and community relations.
The announcement of the new position was made at the regular city council meeting March 13. Although it is a completely reorganized position from that of Vernon Jones, Tatton assumes some of the roles formerly assumed by Jones.
“This is the best thing Price city has done in a long time,” commented Mayor Joe Piccolo in making the announcement.
In other city business last week, bids were opened for the Price Canyon water treatment sodium hypochlorite generation system. Two bids were submitted and a committee was formed to review the proposal. The successful bidder will be announced at the next meeting.
In addition, the council discussed the construction of Main Street for three blocks east of Carbon Avenue. The city is committed to work with the merchants and businesses to provide adequate parking and shopping opportunities during the project.
Although the streets will be torn up, with all services upgraded, the sidewalks will remain intact and the merchants are busy planning rear access to businesses. A complete marketing plan for the three-month period is being developed.
Paul Harvey, representing Peak Cablevision, requested the transfer of assets to new owners Precis Communications. He announced the company’s plans to rebuild and upgrade the cable fiber optic system. Work began last week in Wellington and will continue moving west and north, with completion expected in late November.
According to Harvey, Price will be the flagship of the company and give more local control to the organization.

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