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Shootout scheduled for local outlaws and old west fanatics



By Sun Advocate

Old west buffs such as the Castlegate Posse refuse to let the culture of the wild days end. Lady J, Butch, Fargo Kid, Catfish Johnson, Cowboy Murder’n Maude, and Pinnacle Pete all enjoy a story around the campfire before riding of into the sunset.

The Castlegate Posse is gearing up to chase Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch into their lair, the San Rafael Swell. April 26-28 is scheduled for the second annual Shootout at Cedar Mountain. This years event is being expanded to three days of action packed shooting old west style.
The posse will be recreating tales, whether true or false, about Butch and the Wild Bunch in the very country that the outlaws roamed.
There will be a 12 stage main event held April 26-27, while a long range and side match shootout will be held on April 28.
An awards ceremony will be held the evening of April 27, after a cowboy dinner. Live entertainment will be provided by the Nine Mile Players, while some of the cowboys will recite cowboy poetry.
The Castlegate posse welcomes everyone interested in the event to attend. Those who wish to participate are also welcome, but must contact Cowboy Murder’n Maude at 637-8209 to sign up.
The old west was a part of life around these parts, but the past does not have to remain behind us, it can still live on through stories, and entertainment.
Memories of how the west was really won is remembered by many in theses parts, including the Castlegate Posse who refuses to let the past die.

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