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Carbon softball starts with a bang



By Sun Advocate

The Carbon High softball team officially kicked off the pre season this past weekend in St. George. Despite being a young team, the Dinos have great potential and are expected to finish the season strong after gaining valuable experience.

The Carbon High softball season is officially underway. Although the regular season has not yet begun, pre season has. In fact, the Dinos competed for the first time this year in St. George last weekend.
The team traveled south to compete in the St. George Softball tournament. Despite playing for the fist time this year, the ladies fared quite well. In fact, the Dinos finished with two wins and three losses. Not bad considering the team is in its early stages of practice.
The Dinos managed to defeat New Mexico 15-1, and Granite 6-5. According to coach Don Gressman, “the team played really well. They hit well and pitched quite good. Since this was the first time the team has competed this year, I feel they did quite well, especially considering how young the team is.”
Brittany Pollastro, Cassidy Wiscomb, and Hailey Vigil all hit well in St. George, leading the Dinos in hitting. “These girls really stepped up for us this past weekend. They each hit the ball well,” Gressman explained.
“We also had some girls do really well at pitching this past week,” Gressman stated. Ashley Pinedo and Cassie Terrell each contributed well in the Dinos performance in St. George.
“Our biggest weakness is experience. We have a young team that is learning, but I feel that they will be good by the end of the season. The ladies did quite well this past weekend for not having much to go on,” Gressman explained.
The softball team will compete again March 20 against South Sevier on the road. The team will look to moving forward and learning along the way. As time goes by, the Dinos will become successful and stand a good chance at being a main competitor in the 3A division this season.

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