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Utah Rural Water Association recognizes local wastewater treatment facility



By Sun Advocate

The workers at the local wastewater treatment facility display the plaque recognizing the crew for outstanding service. The plaque was awarded at the Utah Rural Water Association conference in St. George.
According to wastewater facility supervisor Brian Harris, the award represents the hard work of all employees at the plant.
‘It’s a group effort,’ pointed out Harris.
The award ceremony is conducted during a special banquet to honor the best of the best in rural Utah’s water and wastewater industry.
The local crew members include Lorvin Cottam, Ron Pierce, Vince Christiansen, Don Mortensen, Jake Gray and Gary Perea.
The plant serves all county residents, except people living in the East Carbon area.
Harris estimates that approximately 16,893 Carbon County residents are served by the wastewater plant.

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