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Vikings finish season at home



By Sun Advocate

The East Carbon Vikings boys basketball team finished the season last Wednesday at home. Although not victorious, the team did walk away with the feeling of success.
The Vikings hosted the Wendover Wildcats in the final game of the season. The Vikings entered the game with determination. By the end of the first quarter, the Vikings trailed the Wildcats 21-15.
With the game within reach for the Vikings, the team continued to compete quite closely with the Wildcats with the Vikings scoring 16 points compared to the Wildcats 20 points in the second quarter. With the half time score of 41-31, head coach Steve Gutierrez felt that the Vikings just might take control of the ball game in the second half.
Unfortunately for the Vikings, this did not happen. In fact, by the second half of play, the Vikings showed signs of fatigue by not hitting many shots and failing to pass the ball much. The Vikings found themselves at the losing end of the score board 71-44.
The Vikings showed a significant amount of talent during the game on Wednesday, despite losing. Austin Preston finished the game as the high scorer for the Vikings with 14 points. Although Preston showed great ball handling skills, he did miss several open shots, including lay ups which was a sure sign of fatigue, something the entire team seemed to be suffering.
Tony McFarland scored seven points, including one three point shot, while Pat Hansen scored eight points in his last game in a Viking jersey.
Hansen, who has been a dominant player for East Carbon this year will be graduating this spring and will not return to play for the team. Currently, however, Gutierrez feels that the young team will return next year stronger than ever.
According to Gutierrez, “the team has shown a lot of improvements. I look forward to next season when we will have most of these players back and I feel that we will continue to improve and have a great season next year.”
With the season behind them, the Vikings look forward to next season, when the team will take their talent and skills and play what is expected to be a better season than the past. The team will return refreshed and ready for competition in November.
The Vikings finish the season off with a 3-14 overall record. This record is an improvement from last year, and hopefully, next year will also find the teams record improving. With the talent the team has had this season, and those who will be returning next season, this goal is within reach for the Vikings.

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