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Acronym describes illegal dumping

By Sun Advocate

IDIOTS is an acronym for illegal dumping injuring our town’s surroundings.
I, along with many other Carbon residents, use the land surrounding Price, our county land, for recreational use.
Many citizens enjoy biking, walking, cross-country skiing, four wheeling, running their dogs, or just taking the family for a drive amidst our scenic hills and cliffs.
Last Sunday while walking east of 800 North on a short dirt road that leads to a gas well in the Price area, I found an illegal dump site.
The site I found is, unfortunately, one of many illegal dumps created by some local idiots.
Sound offensive? The filthy mattress and the ripped up sofas dumped on an otherwise pretty stretch of road are equally offensive.
On the same road, closer to town, some of our citizens have dumped tables, old stereos and washing machines.
The discarded household items are now bullet riddled and speak volumes of how a few local residents disrespect our land, their neighbors and the community in which we live.
Another site features dozens of oil bottles, from IDIOTS who drain their car and truck oil directly into the soil, as if our lands were their private garbage disposal.
If you are a witness to the illegal practice or know people in our community who do this, you can contact the Utah Division of Water Quality.
The state agency is interested prosecuting the individuals who commit the federal offense.
Other illegal dumpers have abandoned yard bags filled with deer or elk carcasses on the roadside, which encased in plastic will not decay.
Computers, car parts, tires, tree clippings, dirty diapers, fast food containers and plastic bags full of horse dung also litter Carbon County’s land.
The number of illegal dump sites discovered in Carbon County are far too many to mention.
The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office indicates that illegal dumping is a crime punishable by a fine.
The sheriff’s department wants to catch illegal dumpers. The county law enforcement agency needs information from law-abiding citizens to do so.
Call the sheriff department with a license plate number or description of the vehicle and the person illegally dumping.
Pay special attention at night.
Dumpers know that what they are doing is wrong and often dump their garbage under cover of darkness
If you catch IDIOTS in the act or know of a specific dumping crime, contact the sheriff’s department.
The Carbon County landfill, the place to legally dump trash, is open seven days a week.
Yes, the county landfill is open daily so there is no excuse for illegal dumping.
The landfill is free to all Carbon County residents. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
If you work through the week, the landfill is open on Saturday and, yes, on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The landfill is three minutes from Price on Airport Road just east of the Animal Hospital on the left.
Especially in light of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, let’s demonstrate pride in our country, our community and respect for our neighbors.
Pride, freedom and a great place to live, begin in our own backyard.

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