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Jake Wood on top of his game



By Sun Advocate

Jake Wood, a six foot two inch Senior on the Carbon High basketball team, has put in three years of hard work and dedication as a guard/forward, and was recently nominated for the 3A all star team.
His experience in basketball began with his trials in junior Jazz, a sport he has been playing since second grade. “I have been playing pretty much all of my life, and playing in front of everybody really gets your adrenaline going good,” stated Wood.
“He has come a long way since he’s been here (on the high school team). Jake has been a leader on the team for us this year, and has done some great things for us,” stated head coach Ted Bianco. Earlier in the season, he was also selected for the Ben Lomond tournament’s all tournament team, and during the summer camps, he was named to Mesa State’s all star team.
Besides his love for basketball, Wood enjoys playing city league softball, fishing and hunting, while his favorite subjects in school are P.E., because it gives him more time to play basketball, and algebra 3. “Algebra 3 is a challenging and fun class for me.”
Wood continues to hold a positive attitude towards the playoffs. “I want to go out, play as a team, and do the best that I can.I think if we all do that, we can beat pretty much any team there is.”
After Wood graduates, he plans on serving a mission, and when he returns, he wants to do something in law enforcement.

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