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Price plans road improvements

By Sun Advocate

Three blocks of Main Street in Price, located from Carbon Avenue to the east, are slated for complete improvements beginning in mid-March.
According to city engineer Gary Sonntag, the upgrades represent the second phase of the ongoing Price Main Street improvement project.
The earlier portion was completed five years ago, encompassing the area from Carbon Avenue west to the Carbonville Road under the overpass.
The city is preparing to excavate and improve the roadway from curb to curb. The second phase of the project will involve the removal of all asphalt and concrete from curb to gutter on the roads, including sewer and water mains and respective laterals.
Crews will install new water and sewer mains and respective existing services. The road sub-grade and pavement will be constructed, along with the installation of new curb and gutters on both sides of the street. Street conduit will be installed at the intersections of 100 East and 200 East in preparation for the placement of traffic signals in the future.
Electrical conduit will also be installed on either side of the street for future street light replacements and the removal of overhead power lines. Storm drainage pipes will be replaced along the intersections involved in the project.
Sonntag anticipates that the project will start in mid-March and extend through June.
Initially, the project was scheduled for late last year, but the city delayed it in consideration of the businesses and the holiday shopping season.
“The city realizes that, no matter what, there will be local traffic problems while the project is being completed,” pointed out Sonntag.
But the engineer explained that it is the city’s hope to assist traffic by providing directional signs, maps and information to assist vehicles and walkers in search of entrances and public parking lots within the downtown area while the construction is underway.
“Every effort will be given to businesses that have driveways that assess Main Street,” explained Sonntag.
The improvements are being funded through a federal aid project geared to assist small urban programs. H.E. Davis and Sons Inc. was awarded the construction project at the Jan. 29 council meeting with a bid of $859,430. Design engineer is Sunrise Engineering Inc. from Draper.
According to Mayor Joe Piccolo, the city plans to be proactive and helpful in assisting the merchants and businesses during the time when the streets will be torn up. He urges businesses to contact Councilmen Don Reaveley, Councilman Stephen Denison and the mayor’s office with concerns or suggestions.
“We want to create solutions,” said Piccolo.

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