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Boys come back from loss to beat North Sanpete



By Sun Advocate

The legendary rival between Carbon and Emery High is alive and well as displayed Jan. 16 at Carbon High as the two basketball teams hit the floor for a highly intense game.
The teams played before a standing room only crowd, consisting of both Carbon and Emery fans. The rivalry was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.
This did not detour the players on the court. The competition was strong as both teams battled for control of the ball game.
The Emery High Spartans won the battle for control by leading the Carbon Dinos throughout the game.
The Spartans out scored the Dinos leading to the Spartans 55-46 victory over Carbon.
By halftime, the Dinos only trailed by nine points. The game was still close and the intensity was overwhelming as both teams returned to play after the half.
The teams battled for points and boards through the second half. Emery won this battle with Bowie Jeffs leading the game in points with 18.
For every basket made by the Dinos, the Spartans answered with one of their own. The seesaw battled continued to the end of the game.
Dinos leading scorer was Matt King who finished with 13 points. Following in scoring for Carbon was Matt Jewkes who scored 11, and Jake Wood with eight points.
The Spartans lead the game in completed three point field goals with five, but Carbon was close behind with three, two of which were completed by Wood, and one by Jewkes.
The loss for Carbon brings the team to a 5-9 overall record and a fourth ranked position in the 3-A division standings.
The next opponent for the Dinos was North Sanpete on Friday on the road. North Sanpete also suffered a loss Wednesday night and has an identical overall record as Carbon. The game was highly competitive as the Dinos entered the competition confident and with the taste of victory on their lips.
The Dinos hit the hardwood floor with determination to finish victorious against the Hawks. This determination was evident as Matt Jewkes scored 16 points to lead the Dinos to a victory. The final score of 68-63 finished Carbon’s weekend on a winning note and leeves the team ready and waiting for future opposition.
The Dinos out scored the Hawks throughout each quarter, with the exception of the fourth period. In this period of play, the Hawks outscored the Dinos 17-9, yet Carbon held on tight and clasped the victory in the Dinos mouth.
Carbon received outstanding contributions from all of its players in North Sanpete. Jake Wood followed Jewkes in scoring with 12 points, while Jeff Anderson trailed with 11 points for the Dinos.
Three point field goals seemed to come easily for the Dinos with five completions from the long distance line, each coming from different players.
The Dinos rebound from defeat against Emery boosted the team to a 6-9 record, and a fourth place ranking in the region eight standings.
The team plans on improving these numbers as they march into competition Wednesday in Lehi. The team will not return to their homecourt until Feb. 1 when the Delta Rabbits hop onto the floor to face off against the Dinos.
The Dinos plan on proving in the weeks to come, that the teams skills are as strong as their roar.

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