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Reaveley determined to boost Carbon



By Sun Advocate

When a player is named athlete of the week or athlete of the month (in such papers as the Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News) that usually means they are always in the spotlight for something or another.
But what about the players who always have a positive contribution to the game, even though they might not be the highest scorer or have the most rebounds?
Lauren Reaveley, a Carbon High Senior has always made a positive contribution to the team. Maybe not big ones like twenty points in a game. However, she does help out in scoring. For her, it’s the small things that add up; assists, ball handling skills, and rebounds.
Reaveley has played basketball for six years, and has been a big part of the Lady Dino program since her sophomore year.
“I have always been a tomboy and interested in athletics, so when I was given the opportunity to play, I took it,” commented the five foot six guard.
Reaveley’s major goals for this season includes the team winning region and making the state finals.
“Lauren has worked extremely hard to get to the level of play she’s at. She is a good shooter, and always has been a team leader,” stated head coach Bruce Bean.
Assistant coaches Stacy Mortensen and Stacy Warburton added, “She’s a great competitor. She’ll fight, she’ll do whatever she knows she has to do to help this team win.”
“Lauren is like Kleenex Puffs. She takes care of messes and is dependable,” commented teammate Michelle Ruden.
Reaveley’s favorite classes are English and C.A.D. (Computer Aided Drafting).
“C.A.D. is an awesome class,” she says. “It’s just something that I really enjoy.”
Beyond high school, Reaveley’s plans are to progress her education level to a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and/or C.A.D., but has not yet chosen which college she will soon be attending.
Other extra curricular activities that she is involved in include National Honors Society and softball.
On the softball team she is a left fielder, a tough position that takes lots of concentration.
Her hobbies are fishing, camping, boating, four-wheeling, and just about anything that involves the outdoors.
“The motivation I have comes from the determination I have in my heart,” Reaveley explained.
She is the type of player that is the heart of a team.

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