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Mid-December fishing report

By Sun Advocate

High and mid-elevation mountain lakes are frozen with few exceptions. DWR biologists and conservation officers urge ice anglers to exercise extreme caution. Don’t fish alone. Each group of fishermen should carry rope and a floatation device. Each angler should have ice picks on his person. It is still too early in the season to safely take snow machines onto the ice.
•Cleveland Reservoir. The trout limit is eight fish. The reservoir has iced over, but may still be unsafe due to rising water levels. No recent report on fishing success.
•Electric Lake. The lake is more than 50 percent iced over. Bait is not allowed at this lake or its tributaries, where the trout limit is two.
•Huntington Creek. Ice has formed along the bank. Anglers should prepare for slippery conditions. The limit on the Left Fork, above the Forest Service campground, is four trout. These must be taken with artificial flies or lures; bait is not allowed. On the Right Fork, from Flood and Engineer’s Canyon upstream to Electric Lake dam, only two trout may be taken and artificial flies must be used. No bait or lures are allowed in this section.
•Huntington North Reservoir (near the city of Huntington). The reservoir is about 60 percent iced over. The reservoir was stocked with 3,200 rainbow trout this past fall.
•Huntington Reservoir (near the top of Huntington Canyon). Ice anglers have been fishing on the ice for more than a week. The trout limit is four. Release of tiger trout is encouraged so that fish can grow larger. Any brown trout caught should be harvested. The reservoir and its tributaries are closed to the possession of cutthroat trout and trout with cutthroat markings. Only artificial flies or lures may be used in the tributaries.
•Joes Valley Reservoir. Spawning attempts by the large splake are over for the year, so anglers won’t be seeing large fish near the shoreline any more. The shoreline is icing over. A public meeting will be held on Dec. 13, at 7 p.m. in the DWR office in Price at 475 W. Price River Dr., to discuss proposals for changing fishing regulations at the reservoir, especially with regard to the over-harvest of large splake during the annual spawn. The daily bag and possession limit for splake is two fish. All splake between 15-20 inches must be immediately released. Release of all splake is encouraged to help with chub control.
•Lower Fish Creek. Access to the middle portion of the stream on DWR property has been closed due to snow and ice. Anglers should park below Scofield dam and walk downstream. The flow of water down the creek has been significantly lowered and ice has formed along the edges. The trout limit is four. Only artificial flies or lures can be used below the railroad bridge, which is about one mile below the dam.
•Scofield Reservoir. The reservoir has completely iced over. Ice fishermen were out in force this past weekend. The DWR urges the angling public to be careful. Please wait a week or so, before taking snow machines onto the ice. About one third of the fish being pulled through the ice range from 14-17 inches and are two-lbs or better.
About two thirds are small trout less than nine inches. DWR Southeastern Region Lieutenant Mike Milburn recommends using an attractor spoon over 10 inches of leader with an ice fly and piece of night crawler.Release of trout is encouraged. A four-trout limit is in place at the reservoir and its tributaries.

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